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8 December 2011 10 Comments

With great joy, gratitude, and love, I present:



For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  (John 3:16 King James Version)

The Calling

by Nancy Slocum

Hush, Sweet Darling, do you hear Me,
The faint whisper of your heart’s desire
Calling from deep within,
Return to Me.
I Am your God-given reason for being,
A hidden destiny born of your dreams
Divinely designed for complete manifestation.
I Am your invitation to untapped potential,
Waiting to be birthed in your spirit and gifted to the world
With your unique DNA stamped upon it.
I Am the substance that comes only from Jehovah God.
Do you know exactly who I Am?
Am I oozing abundant life and radical liberty from your pores?
Are you emblazoned by My undying passion to love you unconditionally?
Is the world impoverished from the lack of My presence and power in you?
Does My unsurpassing peace and unspeakable joy flow like a river through you?
Apart from Me is your existence empty, meaningless, and without direction?
Am I, Who is perfect Love Himself, personified in your everyday way of being?
If you know Me not I bid you,
Come to the secret place where deep calls unto deep.
Receive My plan and purpose created just for you.
Draw close to the heart of God.
Wrapped in His brilliant revelation I wait…
Jesus the Christ, The Anointed One and His Anointing,
King of Kings and LORD of Lords,
Savior and Redeemer of the World.
I Am The Calling.
Have you accepted Me, your divine inheritance?
Take Me and run with Me and you shall be fulfilled.
I have blessed you to bless all people,
To establish the Kingdom of God in My name
On earth as it is in heaven,
That Our heavenly Father may be glorified.
I Am and shall be so, forevermore.  Selah.

On January 4, 2006, Holy Spirit inspired me to write this poem, The Calling.” In that season of my life the perspective I had regarding the poem’s message was slightly different than it is today.  I revised the poem December 7, 2011.  Perhaps a more accurate way of saying it is that the One who inspired me to write it has been doing some re-visioning and transformational work in and through me.  I didn’t write it – He wrote me! Consequently, some fine-tuning has taken place in me as well as in the crafting of my words.

Five years have passed and the good Lord has truly been teaching and stretching me and has been progressively opening the eyes of my understanding more and more.  I am so grateful for His revelations.  Seeing life through God’s eternal and infinitely expansive vision is very humbling and has a way of showing us a much greater purpose for our lives than we could ever have dreamed or imagined on our own.

When I originally wrote the poem, I had the following definition in mind.  Generally speaking, I always considered “a calling” to be something a person had an inner urge or strong impulse to do like: an occupation, profession, trade, career, lifework, specialty, or mission.  I thought it was the principal activity or work one did in life with or without payment and that it was divinely inspired.

Meriam Webster defines “calling” as: a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence.

God has an eternal hold on my heart.  As I choose to stay surrendered to Jesus, I find He is re-visioning and re-writing the understanding of my internal script and life’s story.  I now understand that His poem – or “poiema” – written through me, was not only about the WHAT, as I originally thought, but even more so about the WHO, as you can “see”  for yourself! The transliterated word: “poiema” means: that which has been made a work; of the works of God as Creator.

The Creator is greater than His creation.  He knows WHAT He had in mind when He uniquely designed each one of us for HIMSELF, according to His good will and pleasure.  If we can keep our heart, intentions, and focus squarely on Him, and stay submitted to the Potter’s hands, then He will surely complete the authentic masterpiece each one of us alone is in His all-powerful, supernaturally creative hands.  You can be sure that we will absolutely love the results and they will be far greater than anything we could ever have hoped for, dreamed, or imagined, because His ways are higher than ours!

It is my heartfelt prayer that this will be your most blessed and exquisite Christmas ever as your eyes and heart are truly opened, like never before, to the absolute fullness and preeminence of Jesus and His outrageous all-consuming eternal love for YOU and your life!

Love in Jesus,

Nancy Slocum
“A pen in God’s hand giving LOVE a voice”


Whoever you are in the world reading this post, I would love and appreciate hearing your comments and feedback as God touches your heart through this poem!




  • Lynne Lee said:

    Nancy this is beautiful…I hope you won’t mind me reposting the poem on my site…I’ll link back to your blog…love your spirit x

  • Nancy Slocum (author) said:

    So nice to hear from you! By all means, please do share this poem. After all, it is His “gift” to the world! I’m simply a conduit.
    Be blessed and have an exquisite Christmas in Him!

  • Larry Miller said:

    Very nice and very true…

  • Nancy Slocum (author) said:

    Hi Larry,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I enjoy your blog:
    http://www.PoliticalChristain.org It is very informative!
    God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Cindy said:

    Sooo inspirational, Nancy……I always hear your heart !! You originally wrote that when we lived together !!

  • Joel Sutton said:

    Thanks, Nancy, for sharing your pilgrimage with us as well as the workings of the Spirit in your creative heart. Jesus truly is the all-sufficient One. Everything flows from Him. May others be genuinely blessed by your composition.

  • Nancy Slocum (author) said:

    How wonderful of you to remind me when I originally wrote “The Calling” I shared it with you then and now, the revised poem years later! God is so good all the time and He never changes.
    Blessings my friend!

  • Nancy Slocum (author) said:

    Thank you for your kind words. We serve a mighty God and it is a privilege and a joy to have His creativity flow through us to bless others.
    God bless all your writing endeavors!

  • carroll johns said:

    Shalom! Great to hear what the Lord is doing in you! I’m here in Israel,looking out over the Galilee and preparing a message for a missions meeting. Your comments were so in line with what I was getting from Him about the importance of what He is doing in us not just through us! Great web sight! Thanks for sharing! Carroll Johns

  • Nancy Slocum (author) said:

    Shalom to you and Terri!
    How great to hear from you! I can picture you looking out over the Sea of Galilee as you prepare your missions message. Thank you so much for your encouragement. It means a lot to me. We here in Richmond, VA. are looking forward to your next visit. Can’t wait to hear what Holy Spirit is doing IN and THROUGH you too!!!

    Blessings my friend!

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