Japanese Popular & Modern Culture

Japan’s popular culture is a culture that originated in Japan that is recognized, enjoyed, disseminated and is the way of life of the majority of Japanese people in general. Japanese popular culture such as fashion and TV drama has now entered the Asian region in depth. Starting from animation to idol, young Japanese culture has created a group of people more often referred to as fans in the Asian region. Manga which is also part of Japanese popular cultures such as animation, character, computer games, fashion, pop music, and TV drama are various variations of Japanese popular culture that have been well received in eastern and southeast Asia. But all that is not what has been reviewed in the media.

This is not to say that exports from Japanese popular culture are a new phenomenon. Culture itself has long been developing outside of Japan and especially in eastern and southeast Asia since at least the late 1970s. Japanese animation and comics such as Doraemon, a fantasy story that introduces a robot shaped like a cat that can make children’s desires a reality, has become a part of everyday life for children in almost all parts of Asia. On sterling house trust website, you can get more information about Japan.