Only hire the SEO company with a valid contact info

It is important to pay attention to the presence or location of the service provider so that you can contact them at any time. Ideally, as a service company in the field of SEO and consultor seo, they should have several facilities to communicate with customers such as office address, telephone, email, YM, BBM, Skype, or others. It doesn’t have to be all, but at least they can be contacted via email, telephone, and chat.

In my opinion, it is also important to know the profile of the team from the SEO service provider. If they dare to show a personal profile on their business site, this means that the company is serious about running its business as a provider of SEO services. I don’t know your opinion, but in my opinion service providers who are trying to cover their team identity are not trustworthy companies.

Remember to always be careful in hiring whatever services on the internet, especially if it’s going to affect your business greatly.