Do you want to buy an electric bike soon?

If you are interested in buying electric bicycles, it’s good to see information on electric bicycle technology today. Electric bikes have different features different. In some countries, they may not have been sold, but abroad has many and various kinds. Below is some of the information that we’d like to share with you. Aside from that, you may also need to check out the excellent escooter as well.

Buying electric bikes is a good idea to know the seller. If there is damage, the seller has the ability to repair. Bicycle business is a rare undertaking. Bicycle shops are generally rarely opened by rich people, but his efforts are mostly done by people who can enjoy life on a bicycle. On the seller, the side will generally look for sustainable business, and life is no different with buyers who love bikes.

Then what to consider from the buyer side?

There are 2 important things, as far as what quality speed saying you need and the quality of the electric motor power in the bike. A good looking electric bike will not be used if the motor system is not as good as it looks. Buying a good bike means the bike is not cheap.

One of the weaknesses of electric bikes is the total weight of the bike itself. The lightweight beads at the weight of 20kg. When the bike is able to run up to 20km with a large person. The bike was pretty good. But under that speed, you have to rethink, whether to buy a slow bike for yourself.

Motor and sensor technology

Select Pedelec. The current electric bicycle system is Pedelec. That is the motor system helper when you pedal. The power of the motor will also drive when you turn the pedal, so the pedal becomes lighter. The sensor on the electric bike is controlled by the sensor system such as the speed and power of the motor will increase when the rider is trying to paddle the pedal.

Twist and go. This one is more so, no sensor except switch system for the motor. The new rule for Twist and Go now is the sensor will be connected when the rider is rowing, and provide power on the motor.