Many people prefer vlogging instead of blogging

How to choose between video blogging and traditional articles? Why do you need to choose one of the two? Combining text, image, and video posts give you more flexibility to present your content, create a better user experience, and give you greater reach. Apart from that, if you decide to start your own vlog channel soon, we recommend you to check out the LED Ring light on the online stores.

To do this you need to have a website as for where you publish all the content. If you have not yet decided which platform to use in blogging videos, YouTube is definitely an option. Thousands of YouTube stars around the world earn huge profits per year from ads on their channels. YouTube has become a favorite video site.

YouTube gives you direct access to a global audience. Facebook pages can be an alternative to videos and platforms for additional coverage. Unlike YouTube, Facebook automatically plays videos in the newsfeed and counts full view after just 3 seconds of play.