History of Limousine

The word Limousine comes from a French word for a garment in the form of a hood that pastors use to protect themselves from rain and cold. A limousine is made based on a car cut in half and extended, at other times can come out of the factory Krystal Enterprises. Usually, the seats that are in the car are replaced by either separate sofas or just one run along the vehicle, J-shaped, the rest of the interior trim may have been handmade. Visit Miami limo service if you need limo service.

Limousines is a little insecure according to current standards since the original structure of the vehicle has been altered, the engine is larger compared to rural vehicles; Passengers are not normally transported by safety belts. They also cannot be properly protected by air pockets and the abundance of comfort elements such as those of a bar contribute to the existence of loose elements such as glasses, bottles and glass vases which can be secured in their respective holes to avoid Instability, unless the standard of use of the limousine is not respected, these elements could impact the passengers in case of abrupt maneuvers.