It’s Some Mistakes In Washing That Cause It Causes Acne

Facial skin should always be guarded and protected from various dirt and dust. This is because if acne appears, your appearance will affect. Thus, the presence of pimple removal will be needed by those with acne. A clean face without zits will look very attractive.

Washing your face is one way to prevent acne from appearing on your face. however, it turns out there are some things that can make acne just appear on the face for washing the face. Some things that can cause it are

1. Indifferent in choosing the product
Products that do not fit your face will cause some effects such as black spots, zits, and excess oil. Know your skin type first and the main problem you face.

2. Too often face wash
The more often you wash your face, it will irritate the skin and stimulate the production of excess oil. Limit this activity as much as 2 times a day, in the morning and evening.