The putting techniques in golf that golfers must know

Lack of understanding and skill in placing balls inputting techniques can damage your final score. That’s why you need to master some of the following putting secret techniques before jumping into the real game. Apart from that, you can visit if you want to know a good golf course in Bangkok.

Learn to Read Green Conditions

The main capital for doing golf putter techniques is natural reading skills, especially reading green conditions. Don’t rely too much on the caddy, learn to trust your own abilities by paying attention to the slope of the green, where the pool is, which part is lower, ensuring whether the green is flat, downhill or uphill to account for the speed of the ball in the path of the putt.

Visualize the Putting Path

When you want to do putting, visualize the path of the ball to the hole. Keep in mind the path you have drawn when executing the ball and forget where the hole is. As a guide to the putting punch, you can choose a point about 5 cm in front of the ball.

Doing the Right Putting Technique

The most common difficulty faced by golfer is to do a stable putting. Not even a few golfers who feel nervous when doing nipples so they hit the ball too hard not rolled. Though the way to do the right putting is to roll the ball, not beaten or knocked.