The keyword density in SEO

For those of you who have to wrestle the world of SEO, the term keyword density must be familiar. Keyword density is used to optimize the blog so it can appear on the main page of search results. Without keyword optimization, blogs are likely to appear there only a few percents. So, keyword density is one of the most important SEO optimization techniques to apply. Meanwhile, you can also hire Charles Brian International to improve the quality of your SEO campaign.


Keyword density itself means keyword density, which is the result of the repetition of keywords. Examples of articles consisting of 300 words contain 12 keyword repetitions. Then the keyword density is 4%. Regarding what percentage of keyword density is ideal for SEO, there are still many who argue. But, for Google ideally between 1.5% and 3.5%, whereas other than Google, like Bing or Yahoo, good keyword density is 5%.

This should be considered because in addition to affecting the position of the blog, so as not to be considered spam by search engines. It would be better if you maintain the balance or use keywords that fit the portion, not excessive or less. To measure knowing the right keyword density, you can use keyword density checker software. There are many keyword density gauges available on Google and provide online services.

If you really notice it before making a post, the possibility of articles appearing in the best position of search engines will be even greater. Keep in mind that blogs that appear on the first page of search engines usually get more clicks than the next pages.

But, keyword density optimization is not a guarantee to deliver the blog to the main page, considering there are other factors that influence it, such as relevance and so on. Therefore, in addition to applying keyword density, you must know how to optimize the right blog SEO.

Google’s algorithm is constantly updated, so as a blog owner you are required to learn SEO if you want to succeed. Creating quality and needed content by visitors is necessary to increase blog traffic. Hopefully, the above article is useful.