The Best SEO Settings for WordPress

In short, SEO on WordPress is a little different from Blogspot or other. Try to pay attention to some tips or how to set up SEO for the following WordPress. You can ask help from seo company charlotte.

– Content is King
Remember this, content is king so that in making content must be interesting, clear and easy for readers to understand. Readers will also find the answer or solution they are looking for. If the content is interesting, it will certainly be what the site visitors expect.

– Optimize with Keyword
The content is very good but does not have clear keywords so it will be difficult to read through the search engine, and certainly will not be read. This is the main reason for using SEO, which is to get pages and rank first in search engines. So, optimize informative content with the right keyword layout including keywords in the title.

– Website display
An attractive and reactive website will make site visitors not bored. The layout, fonts, images, all website views must be addressed to make it nice to see. Try using a responsive WordPress template and SEO friendly.