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5 October 2009 6 Comments

Years ago the God gave me a vision for my life.  This blog is a result of that vision!
I have been called to be:


A pen in God’s hand giving “LOVE” a voice


We are amazingly created by God to think in images.  When we think a thought we don’t usually see a sentence or a bunch of words in our head. We see pictures in our mind’s eye. God is so infinitely creative and we are made in His image and likeness.

When God  created the  universe and all mankind,  He first had an image in His mind before He spoke it into existence. I wonder what He was thinking and seeing before He created each one of us!

The bible tells us in Psalm 139: 15, 16.  My frame was not hidden from You when I was being formed in secret and intricately and curiously wrought (as if embroidered with various colors) in the depths of the earth (a region of darkness and mystery).

Your eyes saw my unformed substance, and in Your book all the days (of my life) were written before ever they took shape, when as yet there was none of them.

Just try to imagine what was in the heart of God as He uniquely designed each one of us for His purposes and glory. I believe we all come into this world with a God given hunger to know who we are and why we are here.

Years ago the the Master gave me a vision for my life. It is still the most powerful one of all He has ever given to me because it is so profound. His purpose was very clear to me. It lines up with the creative gifts and abilities and the desires He deposited in my heart.

This vision was a two part vision. In the first part I saw the hand of God.  He had an ink pen in His hand. It looked like a human toy soldier standing at attention.  When I looked closer I saw that the pen was me! What a surprise.

Shortly after He gave me the second part. It was as if a camera lens zoomed in to get a very close look at the ink cartridge in my body. It went from below my chin to the top of my thighs. IT WAS FILLED WITH THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!! WOW!

This told me that  God has  anointed and called me to be: A pen in God’s hand giving “LOVE” a voice. ( You can read about my mission in my blog post  “Godly Words, My Mission)”.

Once I was whining to God and complaining and wondering who in the world would read what I wrote since I had no credentials to speak of. He quickly set me straight when He boomed, “YOU HAVE MY HOLY SPIRIT! WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED”? That cured me.

I have been a closet writer much of my adult life. I have spent years journaling, writing poetry and reflections, recording dreams, visions, and whispers from God. I have volumes inside of me from God. That vision didn’t come true over night but here I am today with fire in my belly to publish what God puts on my heart for people everywhere. It’s all for His purposes and glory!

My prayer for you

Creator of all, I pray that you will clearly make known your unique plans and purposes for every precious man, woman, and child you have created. Let them know beyond a shadow of a doubt WHOSE they are and why they are here. Let them know that their life is not in vain and that  they are so significant in your eyes, in Jesus name. Amen.



  • Words From Jesus » Blog Archive » WFJ: Seedtime and Harvest said:

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  • Patrina said:

    WOW!!! Finally!!!!! Someone who understands what God is calling me to. Someone who understands what He deposits in me – even if we don’t always understand them ourselves. Our stories are parallel.

    Nancy, You have encouraged me to start another blog just for sharing some of the wisdom that God deposits in me when I Journal to receive revelation on my dreams. I too have a pen vision. Oh my! You cannot know how much you have been a total blessing to me today. My heart is singing -my fists have sliced through the air several times as I read your post. YES! YES! AMEN. Thanking the good Lord for guiding me to you today. I can’t even remember how I got here. OH , yeah, I was on Google to open my blog and I saw you blog title here. Of course it was so close to the name of my blog that I had to see what it was. Oh , I am so glad that I did. My blog is “A Pencil In The Hand of God”. Our interests and stories are so similar. I can’t wait to share more. Hopefully – that is what you too desire.

    I am so encouraged! Blogging was not something I planned. The Lord just kind of signed me up one night. It hasn’t been what I desired yet. I’ve almost quit 3x but He keeps giving me reasons to press on!!! You are the biggest reason! I must, as you, be that pencil in His hand – for He hath called me forth and placed His mantel on me to write His answer on a billboard so that those who read it can run to tell the others. Habk. 2:2

    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Blessings! Blessings Showers of Blessings for everything you need!

    Patrina ><

  • Patrina said:

    Nancy, your prayer weas so moving for me. It made me cry. You are a blessed and annointed woman!

    Patrina ><

  • Nancy Slocum (author) said:

    Dear Patrina,

    You have no idea how much LIFE and encouragement YOU spoke into my heart today!!! THANK YOU! What a Godsend and just what I needed. I haven’t even been on my blog for a week or so. I am going through a major life transition and the battles have never been more fierce than now. The enemy knows I am pressing through to higher ground and nothing is going to stop me this time! It’s a new day and the Lord is on my side and we ARE going to the other side so I can possess my promised land!

    It has taken all my physical, emotional and mental strength to fight this battle. To the point that I had not been posting as regularly on my God Whispers site. I could feel my joy, vitality and strength leaking away as I did not continue to post the Words From Jesus He deposited in my heart. These words of life are not to be withheld but expressed. They not only bless the recipient but the sender too! Thanks for all your precious comments. You stirred me to press on.

    I would love to connect with you more as soon as my time opens up more and I have passed through this transition. BY ALL MEANS YOU MUST WRITE FOR GOD IF THAT IS THE MANTLE HE HAS PLACED ON YOU! GO FOR IT WITH ALL YOUR HEART IN JESUS NAME!

    God bless you dear sister in the Lord,

  • Patrina said:

    Nancy, I’ve forgotten to keep looking back her to see if you hand responded. It was quite conincidental that I did tonight. I somehow got loged out of blogger so had to open my site again. I did it from google and it finds me as my blog name now. when I put in my blog name – it also pulls up this post by you. That’s how I remembered to check it tonight.

    I wish to let you know that I am covering you in prayer. The enemy will never stop pursuing you because of God’s Hand on you. You are powerfully annointed. Therefore, I pray protection over your comings and your goings, in Jesus name. Lift her high above the raging waters, Lord. give her your perspective on the swirling waters below. Keep her head held high – keep her the head and not the tail. Fotify her with your awesome power and authority to withstand this battle before her. I ask that your strong right arm hold her away from the enemy. Re-direct the intended arrows – to harm her and silence her. In Jesus name – She will not be silent! Vibrate her vocal cords in praises to her KIng, for it is in our praises that we become “overcomers”. As you , o Lord inhabit our praise – the enemy flees. Cause her heart to be full and overflowing with Praise, Lord. Praise – Praise – with all that is within her. For you know the plans that you have for her. You knew her before she was even formed in the womb. You created her to overcome this battle before her. Strengthen her in her position on the front line. Bestow upon her your peace and give her your supernatural eyesight to see things from your perspective and walk into victory with you Lord. Bless her, dear Lord. I pour the oil of gladness over her,from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. May it cover her and leave your sticky fingerprints all over her, Lord. May she follow so close behind you Lord that the dust from your sandals settles on her feet. Anoint her with an extra-ordinary gift of faith – for such a time as this!

    I love you Lord, thank you for hearing my prayer and for caring for Nancy. Your will be done in her life as it is in Heaven, and we give you the praise. Amen.

    Patrina ><

  • Nancy Slocum (author) said:

    My dear sister Patrina,

    Your word and prayer today was music to my soul!!! Thank you so much. Once again you have no idea how extremely timely and powerful your prayer and words were to me. I treasure them and your heart for praying on my behalf. I so wish I could write more now but my moving date is this thursday. I’m still so pressed but see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    You are an anointed woman of God also and a powerful prayer warrior! Soon I will be able to catch my breath and have time to connect with you! I really look forward to that. I have some anointed Kingdom minded friends I want you to meet, Patrina!

    You are blessed and highly favored of the Lord!

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