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#VFJ: Vision of a Greater Alabaster Box

9 April 2010 9 Comments

Yesterday I participated in a very powerful prayer call with Dr. Bruce Cook, Dr. R. Joseph Peck, Rod and Carrie Stone, and Bertha Hinson.  We prayed to activate, declare and release Rod and Carrie Stone into their God-given calling and destiny.  So much came out of that anointed call.

Today before dawn I worshipped the Lord with Terry MacAlmon’s worship CD “The Glory of His Presence.” The Lord prompted me to take communion.  He then reminded me of a vision He gave me many years ago when a girlfriend and I went to Myrtle Beach for a week.

I believe the significance of this vision ties into the place where Rod and Carrie find themselves today as they wait on the Lord and as the Lord waits on them in the fullness of his perfect timing.  I believe it fits for the rest of us too.



At the beach…

At 5:37AM on August 16, 2001, in Myrtle Beach, SC, I heard my girlfriend crying in the living room.  I went to see if she was okay.  She shared what God was showing her.  She told me of a passage she recently read in a book about a woman who was deathly ill from chicken pox.  She was told she would be disfigured.

The Lord showed her two baskets.  One had only a little bit of praise in it and the other a basket of testing.  She was instructed to keep filling the basket with praise for every chicken pox mark on her body until He said it was enough.  Finally God told her it was enough praise and she was completely healed with no scars.

My friend and I decided to put on a Benny Hinn tape and worship God.  I fell to the floor as I  sobbed and worshipped at the feet of Jesus.  In the spirit I was kissing His feet.

And behold, a woman in the city who was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at the table in the Pharisee’s house, brought an alabaster flask of fragrant oil and stood at His feet behind Him weeping; and she began to wash His feet with her tears, and wiped them with the hair of her head; she kissed His feet and anointed them with oil.  (Luke 7:37, 38).


As we worshiped the Lord I had this vision.

#VFJ: Vision of a Greater Alabaster Box

Here I was again at the feet of Jesus, kissing them and wiping them with my tears and hair.  I desired to praise Him greatly.  I saw a series of things I laid at His feet in my adoration.

Red and Yellow Hibiscus – First I saw myself laying numerous hibiscus flowers at Jesus’ feet just like the exotic ones I had been admiring all week at the beach.  Red for the blood of Jesus and yellow for the gold of His beauty and wealth

White and Black Pearls – Next I presented Jesus with a huge white pearl because He is the pearl of greatest price.  Then there were lots of pearls.  I wanted to give Him more so I gave Him black pearls which were even more rare and precious.

Anointing Oils – I continued to worship Jesus by anointing Him with oils but it still wasn’t enough from my alabaster box.  I was so frustrated because my box was so small and I had to keep opening it up and emptying it out and filling it up again.  It just wasn’t big enough to hold the great praise I desired to lavish on My Lord so I asked Him for a bigger alabaster boxAll of a sudden I saw the waves of the ocean.  God was stretching my vision and the size of my alabaster box which represented my heart.


Butterflies – Oodles and oodles of butterflies appeared and fluttered around in celebration.  They represented the chrysalis of saved and transformed souls.  This is the very heart of God and the greatest joy and mission of Jesus.

Animal Skins – I saw beautiful animal skins spread at His feet but I wondered why not the whole animal God had created.  They spoke of sacrifices.  Something had to die before there could be a rebirth.  I thought of how God in His grace and mercy clothed Adam and Eve in their nakedness with animal skin sacrifices after they had disobeyed God and were removed from the Garden of Eden.

Jewels, Gems, and Precious Stones – I saw myself showering Jesus with multi-colored jewels, gems, and precious stones like garnets, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds etc.  I still wanted to give Him more so I kept asking for an even bigger alabaster box.

Diamond Mines – All of a sudden the diamond mines that belonged to God came forth to praise and anoint Jesus.  It was a dazzling and glorious sight.  Once again God was expanding my vision because there was so much more than I could see with my heart and eyes of faith .

The Smile of Jesus – Jesus was so pleased by now that He beamed with great delight.  His smile beamed like the noonday sun from such a great sacrifice of praise.

Rainbows – A brilliant rainbow appeared over Jesus’ head as a crown.  Then many rainbows, arch upon arch, filled the heavens and worshipped the King in all of His glory.

A Gold Throne and Streets of Gold – Jesus was sitting on a throne of pure gold.  The streets underneath were also made of gold.  I saw silver also to represent the silver mines.

Money – Earlier on I wanted to present Jesus with monetary gifts but I resisted and thought NO. I thought  money is dirty and not worthy of Him.  I didn’t want anything that might be stained worshiping or touching  Him.

Seven months later on March 5, 2002, I revisited this vision.  I thought perhaps the money in the vision was a symbol of a tool to finance and advance the work of the Kingdom.  I believe God was trying to expand my vision and understanding of the purpose of prosperity and abundance so I could give more and do more for Him.  Money has always been a major issue in my life.  I grew up in a family with a scarcity mindset and because of that curse I have repelled money and its association with abundance, or in my case, the lack thereof.

The good news is that I am redeemed from the curse of the law and it is my covenant right to walk in God’s absolute prosperity and provision for my life.  I am learning to walk in the truth of God’s total provision and abundance.

Legions of Angels – After seeing the throne of gold I wondered with whom or with what else could I worship Jesus.  Then I saw legions and legions of God’s heavenly host of angels surrounding Jesus behind His throne. They were crying, HOLY!  HOLY!  HOLY!  I joined the angels.  Even with all of this I still knew in my heart it wasn’t enough.  I longed to know what else?


I asked Jesus, “What do you want from me?  What can I possibly give to You?”


I became still before Him.  I waited and listened, dying to myself for the answer.

I heard in my spirit, “WORDS.” I thought, did it mean words were about my writing for Him.  I  sensed, not exactly.  It was greater than that.

I waited for more understanding.  Then I heard, “PRAYER.” I thought, are You sure You don’t mean praise and worship?  To my mind that was greater than prayer.

“NO,” He said.  “PRAYER.  YOUR PRAYERS.” I wanted to understand the full significance here.  He started unfolding in my spirit what that meant.

It’s not the stuff He wants.  He wants all of me.  He wants all of my heart.  He gave all that He is and has and He desires the same from us – all of our heart, spirit, soul and body.  He wants the whole living sacrifice of our very life.


God desires deep fellowship and intimacy.  INTO – ME – SEE  He reminded me.  He wants me to see Him fully for all that He is.  To do that I must get very close to His heart by communicating with Him through PRAYER.  Close to His very heartbeat.  It’s about two-way communication and interaction.


Then He reminded me that was how Jesus stayed connected to the Father’s heart – through prayer.  I must also.  Once again I was in a heap kissing Jesus’ feet.  He lifted my chin with His hand and told me to stand.  He had a crown on His head and so did I.

Jesus invited me to dance.  He held me tight and waltzed me around the dance floor.  I could feel us become one. I could feel His very heartbeat and deep love for me and mine for Him.  What awesome love.  What power.


Jesus is my first and true love.  He is my everything and I love Him above all else.

My Lord held me on His lap like a child.  He held me close.  I felt the deep love and comfort. I will always cherish this awesome and powerful vision in my heart because it came straight from His heart to mine.

Isn’t this truly what we all are looking for?


I asked Jesus to keep showing me more in the days ahead.  There is no end to Him and He will freely and joyfully show you as much as you desire to see and have room in your heart to hold.

On August 20, 2001 He was telling me regarding prayer to come to Him and ASK for whatever I need or want.  He wants to bless me.


My life is a wonderful journey walking with My Lord and Savior.   It is an amazing adventure of discovering all of who He is, all of who I am, and all He is in and through me.  My blog, “GOD WHISPERS” is dedicated to Jesus and of sharing the growth and intimacy He longs to experience with each and every one of His children.

Love in Jesus,

Abigail Slocum
“A pen in God’s hand giving LOVE a voice”


Prayer Power


Dear Lord Jesus, please bless every visitor to this site and expand their vision of the greatness and fullness of who you are to them personally and how much you dearly love them.  Draw them intimately closer to your heart.  Teach us all how to love, honor and accept You as you deserve to be loved.   Teach us all how to love, honor and accept each other as you command us to do and as we all long in our hearts to do and be.  I ask this in the matchless name of Jesus.  Amen.






  • Joseph Peck, M.D. said:

    Abigail, Thank you for sharing the most powerful vision you have ever had from the LORD. This certainly speaks to me and my circumstances. I imagine it will speaks to most people if their hearts are open. May each of us praise God enough through our trials. Blessings, Joseph

  • Nancy Slocum (author) said:

    Joseph, Thanks for your valued feedback. I am grateful this post spoke to you and your situation. God always has something of value and for our benefit when we take the time to be sensitive to His Holy Spirit. He especially loves to come through for us when we worship Him. It’s always so amazing to me.

    .-= Nancy Slocum´s last blog ..#VFJ: Vision of a Greater Alabaster Box =-.

  • Bertha Hinson said:

    Thank you for enabling me to enter into your vision and experience that which the Lord provided you in vision, memory and loving relationship. Your talent is making way for others to draw closer to the Lord because of your willingness to use every tool to express in words His never ending love and patience for each one of us.

    What a joy is yours being able to share with those who draw near to peek, then listen and next to participate in Jesus’endless wellspring of love given forth through you.

    .-= Bertha Hinson´s last blog ..WFJ: GIVE HONOR TO THOSE WHO LABOR IN THE GARDEN! =-.

  • Mary said:

    Thank you so much for sharing these powerful visions and for taking the time to personally invite me to visit this post.

    I have been energized and excited all week after basking in the energy and joy and powerful visions that radiated from you at the RCWW meeting.

    Blessings as you go,
    Mary´s last blog post ..Orchestra of God

  • Abigail Slocum (author) said:

    Thank you for your beautiful comment, Mary. You are such a blessing to me and I am grateful you have been energized all week. I love the idea for your next book! Keep me posted.Blessings and favor.

  • Sheena Dattadeen said:

    shalom to all

    Amen what a beautiful blog and wonderful intimacy experience you shared and had with Yahoshua/Jesus, Yahoshua is his hebrew name, Jesus is his transulated name amen..(sharing)

    Yesterday night during intercession and worshipping the KING OF GLORY, the Holy Spirit began to show me awesome and beautiful things,
    the woman (the bride/Church)she is symbolic of the woman who were having intimacy with Yahoshua
    because of her intimate act to him, in worship and adoration, in the house of the (religious system)
    She the true-Bride was mocked and scorned by the religious system, but her eyes was on her lover and husband whom she adored in which she brought her most precious possession, the ointment her tears washing his feet and drying his feet with her hair…
    (this is what the jewish custom because when Yahoshua told the religious sect/system meaning also the owner of the house, that he didnt give Yahoshua water to wash his feet nor oil for his head…this is awesome hebraic customs from the time of Abraham)

    the KING of Glory invited her again when he said ‘keep this ointment for my burial) he was telling her come again to me promising that the intimacy again would bring her into ressurection with HIM….powerful that blew my mindset away!

  • Nancy Slocum (author) said:

    Dear Sheena,

    Thank you for commenting on my blog and for sharing what you experienced during your wonderful time of intercession and worship for the King of Glory! I’m glad you were blessed and hope you will visit again!

    God bless you!

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  • Nancy Slocum (author) said:

    Thank you Jill for visiting and sharing your insights and various translations on Isaiah 58:7. I appreciate your linking my blog post about Mary and her alabaster box to your blog. I especially liked your 30-day challenge on your blog. It got my creativity stirred up. It is so important to keep images of the “vision” and make them plain before our eyes so we can run with them in our spirits until they come to pass! Keep up the great work!
    Blessings to prosper in 2012!

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